Happy (belated) Hanukkah from The Omaha Folk!

Dec 22

A twist on Elizabeth Cotten’s Freight Train. Have a listen—and keep and ear out for more Omaha Folk Song Society classics!

Oct 27

fantastic version of Down By the Riverside by Laura Gibson

We love this.

Oct 27

We got featured in a styling video on Free People’s blog. Check it out. and maybe do a messy tuck.

Oct 12

NEW SONG! This is a song we wrote in the few days leading up to our gig in Boston. After moving to different parts of the country, we just wrapped up recording this song Postal Service style- sending audio back and forth. We’re really happy with the results and hope you like it too. Download it! Share it! Listen to it a million times!

Jul 29

It has been a while since we posted! That’s what happens when one band member moves to Austin and the other moves to Asheville. But we have exciting new music on the horizon! We are working on a few songs long distance- so keep checking back.

And for now, here’s a new song from Jake called Let’s Shiver. Check it out!

Jul 05

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our concert! We loved playing for all of you!!

May 10

Show In Somerville Tomorrow!

We hope you can come to our show at PA’s Lounge tomorrow. We have some exciting new songs and it’s going to be great!


May 08

Amazing video promo courtesy of Sam Mulligan!!

Apr 29

Beautiful sunny, windy day in Somerville- perfect for band practice on Ian’s roof. We’re getting excited for our May 9th show!

Apr 29